Gauteng Older Persons Forum (GOPF)

Gauteng Older Persons Forum (GOPF)




We strive to protect and promote the interest and uphold the rights and dignity of older persons. Gauteng has the largest population by number of Older Persons on above 1 100 000 (census 2011). As it is expected to grow due to the number of life expectancy, the forum has taken upon itself to educate
and mentor older persons and the society about the rights of the elderly people. Older Persons are mostly neglected when there are development be it Government or Private, infrastructure build excludes the needs of Older Persons, Houses build by government excludes Older persons, mostly
infrastructure development is focused in the cities leaving Older Persons in the remote areas neglected. The vision of this project is to see Older Persons ageing with dignity. The Forum (GOPF) goes to the 24 locals of Gauteng educating the Elderly and the society about the rights of the Older Persons. Evoking the need of Government to take responsibility on taking care of our vulnerable groups.

Our biggest objective is to Educate and train Older Persons and Older Persons Organisation to sustain themselves. We want to see Older Persons as full part in the participation of development processes and also share in its benefits. Older Persons should be included on work, UIF and for health system to
not neglect the wellbeing of Older Persons.


  • To lobby and advocate all levels of Government on issues affecting older persons in Gauteng;
  • To facilitate and oversee local and regional forums in the province;
  • To act as a channel for communication from grassroots level to national (including the SA Older Persons Forum (SAOPF) and vice versa;
  • To maintain a database of service providers, services and activities for older persons in Gauteng
  • To unite the older persons sector in Gauteng, by ensuring that all sectors including older persons themselves, are represented on the GOPF;
  • To facilitate the establishment of programmes to address the challenges faced by older persons in Gauteng
  • To report regularly to all stakeholders and the SAOPF; and
  • To provide education and awareness on the rights of older persons

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159 Albertina Sisulu Road, Florida Ext 2, Roodepoort

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